The Heart of Tantra is a festival that gives you the opportunity to connect, share friendships and explore community. It is a playful, loving, safe and inspiring environment where you can express yourself authentically and allow yourself to be fully seen.

What is tantra

What is Tantra

Tantra is a living tradition that offers some of the most effective teachings and technologies for human transformation. Tantra is a way of being in the world, it is about saying Yes to life. The keys on this fascinating path are authenticity and love.
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What you can Explore

  • A greater understanding of the true meaning of Tantra
  • Many tools and techniques to use and work with on your own or with a partner
  • A higher perspective of life and the universe
  • Amazing experiences and long lasting memories
  • Inspiration and aspiration to begin or continue your tantric journey…. and perhaps some new friends
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Workshop Offerings

Some of the offerings include:

  • Conscious Relationships
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Taoist Practices
  • Mystical Dance
  • Modern Ritual
  • Yagna (Fire Ceremony) and much more!
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Tantra is a way to learn to relate consciously with others, to express yourself, to experience true intimacy with yourself and others, to recognize the Divinity within yourself and others, to experience high states of bliss and to love tenderly, madly and deeply.

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We have put together a range of great workshops from top Tantra teachers in North America. These workshops will cover a variety of topics from the Realm of Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Rituals, Tantric Yoga, Chi Gung, Taoist Practices, Tibetan Tantra, Meditations, Dance Celebration and much more!
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Festival Info

Camping is included in your full festival pass. Bring your own tent, sleeping bag, equipment and clothing that will be suitable for warm or cold weather. We offer food that can be pre-purchased or bring your own. There will be a small amount of vendors selling jewelry etc to be paid via cash only.
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Getting Here

The Heart of Tantra festival will be held on the beautiful C-dar Lodge Farm in the Paradise Valley, Squamish. This is a very magical, sustainable, holistic and inspiring piece of Land located on the banks of a beautiful river.
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Experience the Heart of Tantra Festival in the exquisite, nourishing, natural beauty of British Columbia with a beautiful heart- orientated community as we celebrate the deep inter-connectedness of life. Learn about a variety of topics and activities from the Realm of Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships, Ancient Tantric Rituals, Tantric Yoga, Chi Gung, Taoist Practices, Tantric Meditations, Dance Celebration and much more!


Thanks for an incredible weekend. Enjoyed the Taoist influences, got back to my roots. Met incredible men and women, inspiring reflections throughout the weekend. Experienced reset, rejuvenation, and a centering clarity that carries forward into the coming weeks and months.


A beautiful weekend surrounded by beautiful beings, all held by a beautiful space! Thank you all for going on this journey with me, dropping deeper into Love and presence. With Love and gratitude, until next time <3


Thank you for a beautiful, blissful, inspiring, learning, growing, loving experience.


Thank you, Krista Novakowski and Naomi Prema Devi, for bringing us all together. I had a happy afterglow that lasted at least until Thursday, and I’m experiencing more peace and self acceptance. So growth happened!
So many people were open and willing to engage — even some hard conversations. All of it made for a rich experience for me.


Wow what an amazing festival. Thank you all for the crazy heart felt experiences. I feel transformed again at the core of my being. Much luck to all you beautiful souls on your individual journeys from here on. 😍 😍 😘 😘


A container so beautifully held. Gracious thanks to you, and all who supported, shared and showed up.


The weekend ❤️Tantra festival in Squamish has ended and I feel so happy & blessed for being part of this experience. Healing has come for me in so many ways as I released lots of negative emotions such as pain, sadness & fear that I needed to get out in order to be transmuted into love, forgiveness, acceptance..a new re-birth into more authentic-self. I felt so supported & uplifted by beautiful souls, but the most remarkable is that I got to experienced so much compassion & ❤️love !
The divine feminine energy that nurtured me & unlighted my heart along with the balance of the divine masculine. I’m so happy of being able to receive love, compassion & healing through the divine feminine specially by my female partners on the workshops, who I feel so much honour, respect & gratitude for assisting me. I’m so glad that I was able to be opened to receive love, definitely has touched my soul & through their divine feminine energy has awaken mine & healing has taken place for me. It is without a doubt such a remarkable weekend for me full of unconditional love, uplifting and the re-birth of the divine feminine in all! Thanks a lot to the universal magic & the wonderful facilitators the tantra teachings & exercises help me to push myself out of my comfort zone; thus, I feel in a better place in in life & I feel so much gratitude for the work & progress that has been done with my personal life. I have the chance to meet amazing people & I feel so glad of being able to share this life journey & experience with them! Wonderful dancers & performance, which is such exquisite visual art & the transfiguration Saturday ceremony was spectacular, such a Wonderful tantra work ! The dance helped me to be free. Thank u so much Krista Novakowski, Naomi Prema Devi for the organization, work & divine love you have been put into this in order to for us to be part of it ! With all my gratitude Thank u ! Love


The Heart of Tantra Festival provided me with the opportunity to work on conscious connection to others and myself in a deep and transformative way. I learned respect for my own boundaries and from this place formed connections with others that were loving, filled with adoration and compassion. I most appreciated how the connections were focused more on adoration for one another then on sexual energy. We were taught to really see the divinity in ourselves and others. The guidance I received around awakening my sexual energy helped me to let go of shame around me sensuality and empowered me to open my heart a little wider and raise my consciousness a little higher. I attended the festival without my partner and it was a safe place to learn and explore more about myself. Upon returning home, I have used the information and practices with my husband and have experienced absolute blissful moments in our lovemaking. I am much more open and free with my expression and able to care for and receive my partner with more adoration then I imagined possible. Thank you for an absolutely amazing weekend.

Kirsten Walter

Oh Beloveds that was a beautiful weekend in a beautiful place. Thank you thank you!


Love bless! Om Namah Shivayah Shakti Ma.💛 🌏☉⚘⚕💙☤☥⚚🙏⚚☥☤☯. Gratitude! 🙏⚘OmTat Sat.

AL love

Beautiful Offerings in a Deep and Loving Container! Thank you to everyone who helped create another amazing Heart of Tantra festival! Love you all! 💖


It’s just gets more blissful and deep every year.keep it coming PLEASE dear ones, Krista and Naomi.